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City of Cardiff Rotaract

At our meeting on Wednesday Cardiff University Rotaract had the pleasure of welcoming three students who have come all the way over from Germany! Carina and her two friends Martina and Stefan joined us for our meeting and we got to fill them in on what we have been up to over the past year and what we have planned for the next few months. After we finished filling them in Carina showed us some of the cool merchandise that her club back in Germany had, most of it made by Carina herself!

What did we discuss at our meeting? Well we talked about  our upcoming projects and Lukas told us about some great ideas he had for the future. We are looking forward to a busy few months! Below are just two of our upcoming projects.

Next month we will be helping Ninian Park Primary School to revamp their…

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one swallow makes a summer

BBV logo

Markel UK, the specialist charity insurer and Small Charities Coalition, the support organisation for small charities, have come together to launch the Britain’s Best Volunteer award,  to reward those who volunteer their time to help small, and often local, charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

The UK public will be given the opportunity to nominate a volunteer they know who they think best deserves the award. Nominations will be judged against a range of criteria including how long they have volunteered for; if they have overcome personal challenges; how their work has inspired others; and the impact their work has had on their charity.

The winner of the award will receive £1,250 for the charity or charities of their choice and a personal prize of a holiday voucher worth £1,000, while runners up will receive £250 for a charity of their choice and a personal prize of an iPad…

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Has your Rotaract club worked on an amazing service project? Or have you twinned with another club to organise a great joint project? If yes, apply for the Best Rotaract European Service Project (BESP) and Twin Club Award?!

All the details, including the application forms and judging process can be found here:

Good luck!

The New Herald Online

By A. Martin

A lot of people may have heard these names being talked about: the Interact Club of the school or the events that the Rotary or Rotaract clubs organise for different fundraisers, but what is the Interact Club [A.A.] exactly and why are we a part of it?

It is an opportunity to meet people from any nationality, religion or race – but all wanting one common thing: to socialise together and to help the community by fundraising, organising events and helping our communities to be a better places.

Being part of the Interact Club gives you so many opportunities and experiences without you even realising. First of all, meeting fellow Rotaract and Rotary members who have been through the exact same situations as you and can guide you and advise you; meeting people that have come from different backgrounds can give you a different, more versatile view…

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RGBI is proudly hosting it’s first ever training event for club officers (on the 25th Jan from 10am – 4pm in Edinburgh) – and you’re invited! It will be a great day packed with ideas for Rotaractors and Rotarians alike, and although very early in the process of elections, will hopefully have Rotaractors thinking about an officer role for the next Rotaract year, Rotarians discussing the hot topics of the day, and some ‘almost 30s’ talking about the next steps in the Rotary family.

The cost is only £5 which is to cover lunch which will be provided by a local shop, a social enterprise employing almost exclusively homeless people in a bid to provide a stable lifestyle. An online registration form is available for both Rotaractors and Rotarians, so please follow the relevant link and book up! We will also welcome any Rotarian that might find it interesting, and we hope to run a session for Rotarians who want to learn more about Rotaract.

Places are limited for this event, so book now and don’t miss out!