A very interesting read, especially following our recent guest blog post by Alex Swallow on How to help lead a charity

one swallow makes a summer

Guest post by Nicholas Fryer

If only they were asked, how many young people would love to become charity trustees?

At a time when many young people are struggling to find work and enhance their CVs and charities are desperately in need of good board members, faced with unprecedented levels of need and funding cuts, is there a role for young people on the highest governing bodies of charitable organisations? And if there is, what should be done about it?

These are some of the questions the online survey Young, Gifted &…a Charity Trustee? set out to answer, hoping to shed light on a little-researched area.

Conducted on a voluntary basis on behalf of Young Charity Trustees (YCT) between July 15th and 23rd this year by myself, Nicholas Fryer, for a Charityworks graduate programme assignment, this blog post showcases the survey’s results.

Young people are a rare sight on charity boards…

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