At last we’ve decide on our new brand name Click 4 Action eRotary, it describes how we want to be seen and be known for, although we will officially for the time being retain our official charter title of District 1100 eClub. We believe Rotary needs to modernise, move to being a network of people belonging to Rotary International and helping to develop new ways of continuing to be an active service organisation in our world. Our new logo is seen below, it shows the technology we are using with the new RI branding and using social media speak.


We intend to introduce the USB Stick as a gift to other Rotary Clubs our members visit, moving away from a Club Banner and leaving eRotary messages.

rotaract logo peace day 3-1

The header on the Click 4 Action eRotary News Update is the winning picture from our Rotaract Hub (on Facebook) for their Photographic Competition…

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