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To build Rotaract as an organisation it is vital that we create exciting events that will impress prospective new members and engage current ones. This will always be a struggle to begin with as people are not aware of what needs to be done.

When we began, 1 year ago, we had a team of three people. Sandra, Sarah and myself struggled to gain support from both Rotary and Rotaract clubs within our district. Few believed that we could put together a conference in such a short space of time and didn’t want to be part of something that might not succeed. Despite our small number we pushed on, and gradually, as the conference began to take form , others offered to help with the project.

Now here we are, the first Rotaract conference in Great Britain & Ireland in 4 years about to begin, thanks to the hard work of a small dedicated team, but it could have been so much easier if more people had been involved.

One of the reasons it was so important for this event to come to fruition was that it would stand as proof that it could be done. Wehere one leads others may follow as now there is a framework that can be used and improved upon each year. This will hopefully make it easier for future members to take on what seems like such a daunting challenge.

The conference also gives Rotaractors the opportunity to communicate and network with other members directly, as well as visit new places with people who know the area well. They are also able to see how other clubs are run, learn new skills and get inspired to do more.

Essentially the RGBI Conference 2013 is about moving forward together with new ideas, passion, and a close network of members that are willing to take action and create positive change.

To those of you that are making that happen, thank you and I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Nicola Firth, District 1130  Rotaract Representative