Guest blog post by Mick Steward

How long were you a member of Rotaract?

10 years, from 1974 to 1984 – I look back at that time with great fondness and pleasure.

Which club(s) were you a member of?

Central London

Which 5 words would you use to describe Rotaract?

A great way to meet friends!

What did you enjoy about being a member of Rotaract?

There was always so much to do whether it was with my own club, Central London or jointly with other clubs or on a district basis.  The district events had added importance as we were a fairly small club of about 15 members.

We had events which were held on an annual basis, like camping rallies which also featured custard pie throwing, open to clubs throughout RGBI, and various sports days which catered for those with little or no ability but just wanted to take part!

What type of activities did your club get involved in?

Most club activities centred around the fortnightly meetings which included quiz nights, guest speakers or planning for future events.  We would support local Rotary in their charity events and vice a versa.  The full range of activities are too many to give a mention to.

What were your highlights as a Rotaractor?

I would like to recall how honoured I was to serve as Chairman for District 113 in 1980-81.  At the time there were 35 plus clubs with further clubs being established.  The strength of clubs varied with support being given to smaller ones to keep going.  I would regularly attend a Rotaract event 5/6 nights a week and topped 300 during the year.  This included both Rotary and Rotaract conferences.

I was able to make lasting friends and have recently attended another Rotaract wedding to prove that you are never too old!  Having recently met a current Rotaractor I am pleased to hear the members in District 1130 (previously known as 113) are still very passionate and excited about Rotaract and the opportunities it brings.